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Beauty Pageant News on June 20, 2010 - Miss Singapore Universe 2010 Tania Lim talks about her fashion

Miss Singapore Universe 2010 Tania Lim talks about her fashion turn-ons

Sun, Jun 20, 2010
The New Paper

MISS Singapore Universe 2010 Tania Lim has a shoe fetish.

The 22-year-old account executive has been collecting shoes as a hobby since she was 17.

Her appetite for shoes is “insatiable”, she says. She has a collection of about 300 pairs from brands such as Pedro and Nine West.

She believes in pampering herself with one luxury buy a month for working hard.

What do you look out for during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS)?

Shoes. I love brands like Steve Madden, Aldo, Pedro and Nine West. I particularly like Gladiator heels.

I am also looking out for wardrobe basics, like smart tailored pants, white shirts and plain shoes, like black heels. These are essentials that will last a long time.

What are your favourite fashion brands?

I like Forever 21, as they have some quirky dresses. Mango is good for basic wear and Etro has loud prints and colours that I like. I am not so label-conscious when it comes to clothes.

I just go with whatever that catches my fancy. But I am more concerned and particular when it comes to shoes.

For shopping malls, I quite like 313@somerset, as there are a lot of shops, like New Look that cater to girls around my age.

I also admire local designers like Hayden, Nicholas, Hansel by Jo Soh.

I like the clothes from Hayden, as they are in vibrant colours, with different prints and patterns.

What is your shopping mantra?

I believe in buying clothes that suit your body shape.

I limit myself to buying one expensive item a month, like going for spa treatments or buying shoes.

The most expensive thing I have ever pampered myself with was a pair of $240 black and silver Steve Madden heels.

For now, I am planning to get a $1,800 pair of Jimmy Choos when I get my prize money.

What type of shopper are you?

I am a grab-and-go shopper, for basic clothing items, like plain shoes and white shirts that can be matched with jeans or shorts and gold chains.

When I know my size and what I want, I don’t even try the clothes on. If the item is expensive, I will look, think about it and go back the next day.

How often do you go shopping and who with?

I go shopping about twice a week. I prefer to shop by myself as I know what I want and can take time to look at what I want.

Even if I am shopping with a friend and spot something that I like, I will look at it first and come back the next day alone.

Have you become more fashion-conscious after winning the crown?

Not really, as I have always been fashion-conscious. My friends normally like to check out what I am wearing.

What do you look out for when shopping for an evening gown?

The design must match my body shape, which is hourglass. I will choose a cut that focuses on my waist.

I also like gowns in classic black, turquoise, or fuchsia pink as they complement my tanned skin tone well. Grecian-style backless gowns are my favourite, as they are sexy, not vulgar.

I also like textured gowns, with glittery details.

Any tips on handling yourself properly while wearing a gown?

Stand tall and think that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

Wearing a nice gown will naturally make you want to have good posture.

What would be your dream evening gown?

It was Cinderella’s gown when I was young. For now, it would be something white and flowy, with a long train.

And it would be a backless gown. I think that would be quite romantic-looking.

If you could choose any designer in the world to design an evening gown for you, who would it be and why?

I would pick Versace, as his designs are timeless. He knows a woman’s body and how to tailor gowns to flatter it.

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