Monday, August 22, 2011

"Chica Orbit" FABULOSO: Nick Verreos Orbit Gum Case and "Nick Verreos for Orbit" Dress in People En Español!


Nick Verreos Chica Orbit Limited Edition Gum Case

As Chica Orbit's "Style Chico" (yes, I just gave myself that title!), I have been attending several FABULOSO Award Show Red Carpets with my most GORGEOUS date--La Chica Orbit, of course! Last month, I attended the 2011 Premios Juventud Awards in Miami as well as filmed a vignette on the "blue carpet". During that awards show, I debuted my exclusive Limited Edition "Nick Verreos for Chica Orbit" Gum Case:

I designed the graphics for this FAB Gum Case which was inspired by the Orbit Gum logo naturally. And then, EACH case was HAND-PAINTED with my original design. I also autographed the Limited Edition cases!

Nick Verreos, 2011 Premios Juventud blue carpet, Miami

I was "over the moon" to see the results and yes, I got to keep "one or two" for my own use: I have one for Orbit Gum--and one for my Business Cards--oh and one for my Credit Cards...Wait! That's more than two! Oooops!!!

Also--for all my Spanish-Speaking peeps--Check out the new September Edition of People En Español with singer Jenni Rivera on the cover:

I was so excited to open it up and see a photo of our Chica Orbit People En Español Geek To Chic Winner, the lovely Noemi Salazar---who wore one of my original "Nick Verreos for Orbit" designs--a one-shoulder chiffon cocktail dress featuring one of the iconic Orbit Gum prints to People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party in NYC:

People En Español Geek To Chic Winner, Noemi Salazar (top right photo) in "Nick Verreos for Orbit" original dress, People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party NYC

Chica Orbit and Nick Verreos at the People En Español "50 Más Bellos" Party NYC

Maybe if I run into a Chica Orbit fan in one of my many travels--I might give you a "Nick Verreos Chica Orbit" gum case--depending on how stylish, fashionable--or yes, if you happen to have Orbit Gum in your bag or purse!!!! We'll see...

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